Module E: Project Management and Coordination

To ensure effective project management coordination, synchronization and transparency in the different activities that are needed to achieve the objectives will be guaranteed via the following set activities.

Activity 1. Team meetings

At least two face-to-face meetings a year to evaluate the progress of the project. A first meeting will define the implementation of the development of the project and will specify the work plan according to the staff and resources available and the forecast of its expansion and adaptation.

Milestones: evaluation and coordination meetings

Activity 2. Project status control

Periodic quality controls will be established. At the same time, participation in evaluation forums will also be considered in order to know the quality of the methods being developed.

Milestones: quality control and external evaluation

Activity 3. Permanent communication

Face-to-face meetings will be complemented by various communication channels that allow for the constant exchange of information among team members.

Milestone: Agile communication and coordination